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"Dataism" versus Freedom

The Algorithmization of our Life

Algorithmic systems create new insights, new economic Systems and new forms of social coexistence. If BIG DATA Analytics really helps us to gain more knowledge and knowledge or the effort to bring the world under control leads to alienation and to the end of our freedom ?

Length of lecture: approx. 50-60 minutes with numerous graphics

© 2019 Florian Mehnert

BIG DATA and the algorithmic human

The confrontation with an increasingly networked world, the digitalisation of our lives and the tension between our private lives is a central theme of social development. Google knows our diseases and our next holiday destination. WhatsApp knows who we're communicating with. Youtube knows which videos we watch and Instagram knows our posted life. The smart speaker listens into our bedroom and Facebook knows us better than our friends. The BIG DATA system registers our life in all its ramifications. The BIG DATA questions the principles of self-determination over psychological and social life, as well as our understanding of the political system.
Florian Mehnert explains in his lecture the basics and the basic idea of BIG DATA. He shows that the future has long since begun and that we are in the midst of a world of "datatism" from which there is no return back.

Length of lecture: approx. 50-60 minutes with numerous graphics

Kunstprojekt FREIHEIT 2.0¨

The participatory art installation FREEDOM 2.0

The participatory art installation FREEDOM 2.0 was realized as a tri-national project in three countries and three cities. More than 20 km of guidance system led through the city of Weil abd in 2018 more than 50k through Stuttgart guiding to the office of FREEDOM 2.0. Over a period of 5 weeks, the art installation was supported by the BIG DATA COLLOQIES with speakers from the fields of media theory, computer science, data protection, economics and philosophy. Florian Mehnert explains the backgrounds, processes and experiences of his art installation FREIHEIT 2.0.

Length of presentation: approx. 45-60 minutes with numerous pictures of the installation

steuerbare Waffe mit Webcam © 2019 Florian Mehnert

The art experiment "11 DAYS"

11 days the white laboratory rat in the art installation should be threatened by a weapon triggerable live via the Internet The world watched the white rat in the art installation by Florian Mehnert in a furious manner via lifestream. There was a violent shitstorm and threats of death.
The art experiment 11 DAYS went around the world.
But what was it really about? Was the work misunderstood? What were the intention of "11TAGE"? What happened in the background? Why was the experiment finished on the sixth day? The lecture looks at the reactions and backgrounds of the art experiment 11 DAYS.

in an exciting and comprehensive way. Length of lecture: approx. 60 minutes with detailed information graphics, videos and pictures

NRW Forum Düsseldorf

Political art, provocation and effect

From forest protocols to FREEDOM 2.0

Can political art make a difference and influence society? Florian Mehnert explains using the example of his well-known art projects "Forest Protocols, Human Tracks, 11 Days and FREIHEIT 2.0". the background of his work and his view of political art and its effects.

Length of lecture: 50-60 minutes with many illustrations