Florian Mehnert, FREIHEIT 2.0

The App FREEDOM 2.0

The interactive app FREIHEIT 2.0 anonymously stores the movement profiles of participants and serves as an interface between the analogue and digital world and is used to create an awareness of the sensitivity of one's own data. The Selftracking app illustrates how data is obtained from individual behavioral patterns. direct to the life moving profiles

Florian Mehnert, FREIHEIT 2.0

The change of name

The temporary renaming of shops in the tanner quarter by the term FREEDOM publicly raises the question of the value and significance of privacy and individual freedom. It creates a public platform for discussion and debate about the meaning and necessary redefinition of privacy in relation to BIG DATA.

Florian Mehnert, FREIHEIT 2.0

The guidance system

A temporary guidance system on the streets leads from all renamed shops to the colloquia. The guidance system visualizes the invisible data flow of the digital world and displays the digital motion profiles in analog form on the streets.

Florian Mehnert, FREIHEIT 2.0

Die FREEDOM 2.0 Colloquia

This is the moment when art meets science, when invited scientists from very different fields talk about their research. FREEDOM 2.0 works with an extended concept of art, in which science and the public are involved in the art: They are part of the art installation itself.

Die Publikation FREIHEIT 2.0