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BIG DATA and the algorithmic human

The confrontation with an increasingly networked world, the digitalization of our lives and the tension between our private sphere is a central theme of social development.
Car manufacturers know the level of our tanks and know where we are going. The autonomous vehicle is ready for take-off. Google knows our illnesses and our next holiday destination. WhatsApp knows with whom we communicate. YouTube knows what videos we watch, and Instagram knows our posted life. The smart TV looks into our bedroom and Facebook knows us better than our friends.
The BIG DATA system registers our life in all its ramifications. We all, the users of the Internet, the consumers, are the source of this free data for the new production process: the prediction of our human behavior. The Big Data industry is therefore looking for a real-time model of our daily lives.
Florian Mehnert explains the basics and the basic idea of BIG DATA in his lecture. He shows that the future has begun and that we are in the midst of a digitized BIG DATA world from which there is no turning back.

Duration of lecture: approx. 50-60 minutes with extensive graphics


The participatory art installation FREEDOM 2.0

The participative art installation FREIHEIT 2.0 was realized as a tri-national project in three countries and three cities. A total of 21 stores were rebranded in their respective designs. More than 20 km of guidance system led through Weil to the FREIHEIT 2.0 office. over a period of 5 weeks, the art installation was completed by the BIG DATA Colloquia with speakers from the fields of media theory, information technology, data protection, economics and philosophy. Florian Mehnert explains the backgrounds, processes and experiences of his art installation FREEDOM 2.0.

Lecture duration: approx. 45-60 minutes with numerous pictures of the installation


Psychometry - Measuring human beings and the end of dignity

A long known model of personality analysis, finds new and previously unimagined applications. The internet and social media make it possible to generate a personality model of every person. How are the personality models created? Why do the models find their successful commercial use? Florian Mehnert explains the background and procedures of psychometry, as well as their consequences for society.

Duration of lecture: approx. 50-60 minutes with numerous graphics


The art experiment "11 DAYS"

During 11 days, the white lab rat was threatened in an art installation by a weapon that could be released over the Internet. The world observed the white rat in Florian Mehnert's art installation via lifestream. There was a violent Shitstorm and death threats. The art experiment 11 DAYS went around the world.
But what was it really about? Was the artwork misunderstood? What were the intention behind "11DAYS"? What happened in the background? Why was the experiment stopped on the sixth day? The lecture looks at the reactions and backgrounds of the art experiment 11 DAYS.

Lecture duration: approx. 60 minutes with detailed infographics, videos and pictures


Political Art, Provocation and Effect

Can political art make a difference and influence society? Florian Mehnert explains with the example of his well-known art projects "Waldprotokolle, Menschentracks, 11 TAGE und FREIHEIT 2.0" (Forest Protocols, Human Tracks, 11 Days and FREEDOM 2.0) the background of his work and his view of political art and its impact.

Duration of lecture: 50-60 minutes with lots of illustrations

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